What I Want!

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http://c4s.com/39637/6579949 – Do you know what I want? Lots and lots and lots of SPENDING CASH. I don’t care about anything else you can offer Me except money, cash, gifts. I guarantee you will want to watch this cash fetish video over and over, and it WILL make you want to become MY helpless addicted moneyslave drone, like so many before you.

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My website!

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Hello geeks and freaks! This blog has been migrated to My newer website: http://www.gcupbitch.com

Go there NOW for all My latest femdom blog updates, video clips, photos, links to My niteflirt and webcam and more.

Photo Set – Red platform pumps

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A money slave bought me these sexy lil shoes recently. Red, shiny patent leather, platform pumps. In a moment of pleasure and feeling charitable, I decided to show him a few pics of My lovely feet in these pretty little shoes. Of course, the only way the rest of you losers will see is to PAY ME for the privilege! 3 photos, $7. Instant download upon payment.

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Video post: My feet in black strappy sandals

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My perfect feet in and out of black strappy sandals

My perfect feet in and out of black strappy sandals

I tease you while wearing sexy black strappy high heel sandals, then take them off and tease you more with my beautifully pedicured bare feet. I’ve just had a fresh pedicure and my toenails are painted a pretty metallic orange. The color complements the shade of my soft smooth skin and looks great with my black sandals. you will want to watch it over and over. 2:14, $20.  Instant download upon payment.

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Princess needs to go shopping!

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Attention paypigs! One of My favorite things to do is go shopping. Mistress needs a new pair of shoes! I know you want to make Me happy. I know you need to see Me enjoying your hard-earned money, and you know I deserve it more than you do! I know you want to send Me the money to help pay for My shopping trip. If all My disgusting paypiggies contribute only $100, I’ll have enough to go shopping this weekend! Of course, if you really want to make Me happy you can pay more!

One of the most important steps in becoming a good moneyslave in My financial domination world is to PAY when your Mistress commands. I command you to get on your knees and open your wallet to Me…NOW, bitch!

financial domination, pay for My shopping trip

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Send Me money

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My absolute favorite thing is MONEY. your money! Lots of it. Money Mistress can’t waste any of Her precious time on stupid losers who don’t pay. I *might* waste a little time on a paypig who understands his place.

Now, get down on your knees, take that shriveled hunk of filth you call a cock in your hand, and use the other hand to open your wallet to Me! I promise the more you pay, the harder you’ll cum when I finally give you permission…

Send Me money - Tribute ME

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Send Me gifts

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Mistress loves gifts and I have expensive taste. I keep a list of things I need or want from one of My favorite stores (Neiman Marcus), that My little paypiggies can buy for Me. As always, you won’t get anything from Me except the satisfaction of knowing you’ve pleased Me.

If you want to be My moneyslave, this is a great way to push ahead of the pack!

I know you want to spoil Me

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